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Arrived in Decembet 2018

AAG Smart Brief, December 27
Volume "100 ans apreés Seyfried"
Open Journal of Geology, special Issue "Geomorphology and Geology" CFP
Summer School on Borderland Studies, Kharliv (Ukraine) 24 June-% July,Dead Line 25 February
Beginning Activity for the Symposium on water-sediments interactions, Gramado, Brasil.
ACLA, Cultural Landscaper, Seoul, 18-19 February
EUGEO Conference, Galway, 16-18 May 2019
Geo Education, Newsletter 6, August 2018

January 2019
Deep Time Digital Forum, Beijing, Xiang Shan Hotel (Fragrant Hil Hotel), 26-28 February 2019
International Association Geomagnertism Aeronomy News Dec. 2018
RIGEO News, Winter 2018
Nuit de la Gèographie, 5 April 2019
International Journal Researches Hunanities ans Social Studies, cfp
Gorakhpur (India), Workshop on Environmental Hazards, 2-3 February 2019
AAG Smart Brief, January 10
Fortification on the Mediterranean Coast, Escuela de Estudios Arabes, Granada 28-28 March 2019 (English)
Fortification on the Mediterranean Coast, Escuela de Estudios Arabes, Granada 28-28 March 2019 (Spanish)
Session for Galway, proposed by Former IGU President V.Kolossov
AAG Smart Brief, 25 January
Conferences, Events and Grants of the Regional Studies Association in 2019
Summer School on European and Transnational Rulemaking, University of Amsterdam, 8-12 July 2019
Organised by Universities of Oregon and of South China: Rethinking Border Security in Asia, Guangzhou, 28-29 July 2019
London,Queen Mary University, Political Parties in Cities, 20 March 2019
AAG Smart Brief, 31 January

February 2019

Journée de Géographie du CNFG, Paris Institut de Gèographie, Rue Saint Jacques, 14 Juoin 2019
IAG Conference 2019, Hobart, Tasmania, 9-13 July 20189/font>
Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce organises a Session in the IAG Conference
AAG Smart Brief, 7 February
Rennes, Land-Plot Mapping Conference, 21-22 Mars 2019
In Memorian of Bruno Messerli
International Council of Sciences, Draft Science Action Plan 2019-2021.
IGU Commission on Governance and University of Cabo Verde Conference, 4-7 September 2019
IGU Commission on Marginalisation, Globalisation and Regional and Local Responses, Nepal, 8-14 December 2019
ISC Draft Action Plan 2019-2021
UN University, February 2019
2019 Future Earth Newsletter, February 2019
International Science Council, News February 2019
National Geographic Interesting News, February 2019
IGU C.16.38 Conference, Bucharest 11-14 June 2019
AAG Smart Brief, 28 February
3rd International Baltico Symposium on Science and  Technology Education, Siauliai (Lithuania), 17-19 June 2019

March 2019

2018 IGU Annual Report