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The Cultures and Civilizations initiative
Call for participation and collaboration

In its April 2005 meeting, the Executive Committee of the International Geographical Union undertook the Cultures and Civilizations (C & C) initiative, the main goal of which is to encourage the dialogue among cultures and among civilisations with the final prospect of promoting an International Year of Cultures and Civilizations (IYC & C).

The 2005 C&C activities will include:
  • a start up phase, carried out by the C&C Steering Committee
  • an international workshop, which will be held in Rome, December 12-14, 2005.

  • At the present time the following materials are available:
  • Initial document from Jean-Robert Pitte, President of the Sorbonne University, and Adalberto Vallega, President of IGU - which proposed the "Cultures and Civilizations" initiative Download PDF format

  • Working paper Cultures and Civilizations: A Tentative Discourse Download PDF format - which presents and discusses those concepts of culture and civilisation that could be adopted in conformity with the goals of the C & C initiative.
  • Working paper Cultures and Civilisations: A Tentative Approach Download PDF format - which sketches the background structure of the broad document that the Steering Committee is expected to work out in October
  • Working paper Cultures and Civilisation(s): Terms and Meanings Download PDF format - which presents the etymology, which "culture" and "civilisation" are marked by, and some meanings that they have acquired during time.

  • All the Colleagues are cordially invited to participate in the C&C initiative, particularly by diffusing information and calls for collaboration to their local contexts. In this respect, please fill Participation form in order to be included in the relevant mailing list, and return it to Ms Laura Ayo, Executive Secretary of the Home of Geography

    1 - Meeting of the Steering Committee in Roma, 5-7 October 2005

    2 - Tunis, 17 Septembre 2005, Réunion ALECSO-UGI

    3 - Roma, 12th-14th December 2005, Workshop on:
    Cultures and Civilizations for the Human Development

    g.bellezza, 22st June 2005