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NEWS 2008
January 2008
Land use and degradation, Seminar and Field Trips, Japan-Taiwan, 5-13 June 2008
Communication from IGU Secretary General Woo-ik Yu
News from the C04.05, Diversity in Mountain Systems
Communication from IGU Acting President and Secretary General
Worlds of New Work, Barcelona. 3-5 August 2008
Mediterranean Renaissance Project for the Tunis Congress
Candidates to the IGU Vice President Position
Draft Declaration of IYPE to UNESCO, 12-13 February 2008

February 2008
Environmental Analisys and Geomorphological Mapping, Ethiopia, 25 February - 6 March 2008
5th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography (EARCAG), Seoul, 13-16 December 2008

March 2008
International Conference on Mediterranean Studies, ATHENS 2008
Changements in the IGU Statutes
Conference on Man and Biosphere in Boreal Forest, Tver' Region, Russia
IGU Secretary General Yu Wooik new Korean Government Chief of Staff

April 2008
New ruralities and sustainable use of territory, Zaragoza-Teruel, 4-8 August
Cultural Geography, Santiago de Compostela 22-25 June 2008
International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Sopron (Hungary) 23-30 August
Report of the Earth and Space Sciences Summit in the Home of Geography, 13-14 April 2008
Geographical Education in the Geopolitical Discourse, Milan, 20-21 October 2008
Report of the Saudi Geographical Society General Assembly, 18-20 April 2008
Complete lists of Candidates for IGU Positions

May 2008
Budapest, 18.23 May 2008: Congress of the International Soil Conservation Organization
Geographies of Violence, Quebec, 21-24 May 2008
International Polar Year
Call for articles on Gender Geography themes
Information and Communication Society, newsletter May 2008
Presentations of all of the Candidates for IGU Positions
Report of the Festa da Geografia, Mirandela, 21-25 May 2008
For geographers interested in nearby knowledge worlds

June 2008
Studying, Modeling and Sense Making of Planet Earth, Athens 1-6 June 2008
Land use Change, Biodiversity, Climat Change: Marthandam (Tamil Nadu), 6-7 October 2008
EMUNI Summer School 2008
Message from Prof. Woo-ik Yu
Sustainable futures: case studies in Environmental Education from 10 different countries
ESI Summit in Villa Celimontana, March 2008: final Report
B.Werlen's presentation to the Conference on Cultural Geography (Santiago de Compostela, 22-25 June)

July 2008
ACME, 2 editorial posts, dead line 15th August 2008
Voices from the Margins, care of C04.35
Report from the CCHD Meeting in Rome, 20-21 May 2008
NEWS from Tunis Congress
AAG Annual Conference, Las Vegas. 22-27 March 2009

August 2008
Bullettin de la Société de Géographie du Québec, été 2008 (in French)
The IGU Executive Committee 2008-2012
IGU Laureat d'Honneur in the Tunis Congress
Third Global Congress of Women in Politics and Governance, Manila, 19-22 October 2008
Australian National University and South Asia Studies, program of intensive research activities: applications before 3 October 2008

September 2008
International Geographical Symposium "Geotunis", 26-30 November 2008
Several news from the Commission on Gender and Geography
Women and trasport issues, 4th Conference, California October 2009, call for papers
Old and new Gendered Societies and Policies - 22-24 May 2009, Szeged (Hungary)-Timisoara (Romania)
Decisions taken by the IGU General Assembly in Tunis
World Meteorological Organization highest award to Prof. Qin Dahe, recently elected IGU Vice President

October 2008
11th Metropolis Conference, Calgary (Canada), 19-22 March 2009
Qualitative Research in Geography Speciality Group
Geographic Perspectives on Women Speciality Group
Post-Socialism, Neo-Liberalism? Old and New Gendered Societies and Policies. March 2009, Hungary-Romania
Planning for the Future - Learning from the past. Rhodes (Greece), 3-5 April 2009
World Landslide Forum, 18-21 November 2008, invitation
In memoriam of Prof. David Hooson

November 2008
Horacio Capel Saez laureat of the Prix Vautrin Lud 2008
Re-imagining identity. Waterford (Ireland), 6-8 May 2009
Regional Science Founder's Medal to Antoine Bailly
Nobel Prize to Paul Krugman for his Economic Geography and International Trade Theory
Gender, Place, Culture: Award for New and Emerging Scholars
Saudi Geographical Society, Discussion Panels

December 2008
GU Liaison persons 2008-2010 for National Committees
IGU Liaison persons 2008-2010 for Commissions and Task Forces
Geographies of Children, Youth and Families, 2nd Conference, Barcelona 16-18 July 2009