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NEWS 2009
January 2009
Introducing Spatial Thinking in Geographical Education, Tsukuba (Japan) 6-8 August 2009/font>
Islam and Gender in Asia, Call for papers by 1st April 2009
Mediterranean Renaissance Project, Workshop: 24 February 2009 in the Home of Geography
Women and trasport issues, 4th Conference, California October 2009, call for papers
Gender, Place, Culture: award 2009
IGBP e-newsletter 72
Young Peoples Im/Mobile Geographies, Manchester, 26-28 August 2009
IAGA News #45, December 2008
C08.33, new website and Meeting in Hyderabad
IGU Commission on Political Geography, Borderscapes II, Trapani (Italy), 13-16 September 2009
Women employed in mining activity
News from the Center for "Asia and Pacific Women in Politics"
ICA 24 Conference, Santiago de Chile, 15-21 November 2009
Link to "Women and Planning" and relates issues
Journal of Geography and Regional Planning
Prof. Lennart Olsson new Chair of the Swedish National Committee for Geography
Coronel Juan Vidal Garcia Huidobro new Chair of the Chilean National Committee for Geography

February 2009
Symposium on Amur River in Tokyo, 13-17 March
C04.08 and IYPE, Managing water in a changing world, Torino (Italy), 27-31 July
Invitation for Herodot new phase
The Planet Earth: Its Finite Resources and Human Civilisation. Varanasi 17-18 March
C08.32, Colloquium in Maribor (Slovenia), 13-17 July
Prof. Izhak Schnell new Chair of Israel National Committee
15 International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Wien 3-5 July
Prof. Sebastian Lentz new Chair of the German National Committee
Very encouraging letter from Denmark to the Home of Geography
Congress of the European Regional Sciences Association, Lodz (Poland), 25-29 August 2009
XIX Congress of the Carpathyan-Balkan Geological Association, Thessaloniki 23-26 September 2010
Report of the Workshop of Mediterranean Renaissance on 24 February, in the Home of Geography
MESAEP, Environmental threats in the Mediterranean Region, Problems and Solutions, Bari (Italy), 7-11 October

March 2009
Special offer, specially for Women Geographers
Geographies of Education, Loughborough University, 8-9 September
Call for papers on Gender and Housing, Prague, 28 June/1 July
2008 Annual Report of the Mountain Research Initiative.
15 International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Wien 3-5 July, more information
Message of Ron Abler for the death of Prof. Wu Chuanjun
Diversitas at a glance, newsletter 12, March 2009
ATIGN, Tunis, 16-20 December
Idrisi Award 2009 to Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Hamid Meshkhis

April 2009
Sustainable Technologies and Innovations, Metz (France), 4-6 November 2009
Image and Signal Processing, BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, Tianjin, 17-19 October
Transnational processes and crossing places, Gran Canaria, 19-21 June
Volume of the Commission on Applied Geography: call for papers
Saint Dié des Vosges, 20th Festival International de Géographie, 1-4 October
Latest Newsletter of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
EUGEO Congress 2009, Bratislava, 13-16 August
Proceedings of Seminar "Geoinformatics for Monitoring Land Use, Biodiversity and Climate Change", Marthandam, 2006
National Committee of Georgia Geographers and Geographical Society of Georgia, activities 2008-09

May 2009
VP Irasema Alcantara Ayala has been elected in ICSU Committee on Scientific Planning and Revue
Karl Gustav King of Sweden awarded the Vega Medal to Anne Buttimer, Past President of the IGU and of the Home of Geography
AAG Travel grants for students to the Tel Aviv Regional Conference 2010
Discussion Panel: "Earthquakes in Al-Eis, Madinah Province", Taibah University, 2nd June
Land Use Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Resource Management, Bilaspur, 7-9 October
Useful tools for geographers: a) Earth Trend, issue May 2009 (maybe you should click in pdf to allow figures)
and relaunch of the Journal Environmental Hazards
b) website of the International Soil Science Comununity
The harvest of IYPE, Iena, F.Schiller University, 15 June
Volcanoes, Landscape and Culture, Catania (Italy), 11-14 November

June 2009
International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography, Washington 12.13 April 2010
4th International Congress of the Islamic World Geographers, Zahedan, 14-16 April 2010
Scientific Committe on Antarctic Research and Open Science Conference, Buenos Aires, 3-6 August 2010
Two Initiatives of the Faculty of Economics, Rimini (Italy), 31 August-11 September

July 2009
Latino-American project for a new Gender-Geography journal
National Association of Indian Geographers 31st Congress, 19-21 November
International Network for Teaching and Learning Geography, workshop in Washington, April 12-13 2010
Call for contributions to the Multimedia Women Enciclopedia Today
Call for candidates to the LOICZ Scientific Steering Committee
Call for the next newsletter of Commission on Geographical Education (C08.11)
Postdoctorate in Quebec
GEOcube, wonderful tool for Geography teacher
10th Women in Asia Conference, September-October 2010
Journal of Gender Studies, Call for Papers
Mediterranean tourism and global crisis. Tunis, 9-11 March 2010
Positioning Geography: Strategic Issues in Geographical Education, Waikato 19-22 January 2010

August 2009
Geographical Bibliography of Czechia on line

September 2009
Gender and Geography for AAG Conference 2010
3rd ICSU Climate Conference
Intern. Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, Hong Kong. 26-28 May 2010
Positioning Geography: Strategical issues in Geographical Education, Waikato, 19-22 January 2010
C08.33, Report on the Hyderabad Conference, 30 July-9 August: Multilayered Cities
To study Gender n Asia, Delhi, March 2010
Commission on History of Geographical Thought for Tel Aviv 2010
13/10/2009, Ryad, Conference by M.S.Makki, Chair of the Saudi Geographical Society, on the Luzerne Declaration, ,

October 2009
Euro-Mediterranean University, Projects 2010
Euro-Mediterranean University, Summer Semester 2010
Euro-Mediterranean University, Master, June 2010
Euro-Mediterranean University, Doctoral Research Seminars, 2010
Euro-Mediterranean University, Accredited Programs 2010
Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association, Thessaloniki Greece), 23-26 September 2010
C08-29, Mountain System in Global Change 2010 will take in place in Perth (Scotland) in September, not in Bonn in June
Millennium Youth Camp, Helsinki 6-13 June 2010
AAG 2010; Call for papers for a Session on Gender, Feminism and Violence
Presentation of books on Feminism at AAG 2010, organized by Geographic Perspectives on Women Speciality Group of AAG
Euro-Mediterranean University, International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies. call for papers
International Conference "Masculine/Feminine: New issues for Geography", 16-18 September 2010

November 2009
New IGU Commission: Transport and Geography
GEOMED Symposium, Antalya (Turkey), 2-5 June 2010
IGU Olympiads 2010, Taipei 29 July - 4 August
Important message to the IGU EC from Wooik YU, Secretary General and Treasurer

December 2009
Information from the International Union of Soil Sciences
Ballot to appoint the next IGU Secretary General
Gender and Geography IGU Commission: pre Tel Aviv Conference Meeting, Jerusalem 8-10 July
Gender and Water Conference, Syracuse, 29-30 March 2010
International Council for Science, Newsletter December 2009
Conference on Migration Methodologies: Researching Asia, Singapore, 8-9 March
International Union of Geological Sciences, Bullettin 46, December 2009
Gender, Place and Culture: annual Award for New and Emerging Scholars