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NEWS 2010
January 2010
IGU Commission C08.16, Seminar in Guhawati (Assam) 11-13 December
New Commission on Transport and Geography
IAGA newsletter 46, 2009
4th International Conference on Rural Space and Local Development, Bistrita (Romania), 22-25 July
International Conference on Home, Migration and City, Linköping (Sweden), 6-10 August
RGS/IBG Annual Conference, London 1-3 September
International Union of Soil Sciences, Alert January 2010
New Chairperson of the Armenian National Committee
Global Change and Mountain Response, Perth, Scotland, 23-26 September
GPOW books, 2nd call for nominations
Equality, Diversity, Inclusion Conference, Wien,14-16 July
3rd International Congress on Image and Signals Processing, Yantay (China), 16-18 October 2010

February 2010
International Conference "Masculine/Feminine: New issues for Geography", 16-18 September 2010
Spaces for difference, Milan, 18-20 October; call for abstracts (English, French, Italian)
International Union Soil Sciences, Newsletter, February 2010
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bullettin February 2010
Geographies of children and young people: Asia-Pacific perspectives, Christchurch, 5-8 July
IGU C08.15 Commission: Global Change and Economic Crisis in Tourism, Stellenbosh, 5-9 September
Commission on Island Conference: Finding their place, Island of Ven, Sweden, 27-30 August
Migration of water related disaster, Symposium in Okinawa, October 2009, Report Okinawa, October 2009
Local Implementation and Good Practices, Congress in Manila, 23-27 November, Report
ICSU Statement on the Controversy about the 4th IPCC Assessment
Finnish award for children literature to Markku Löytönen
Comunication from Earth Meanders on Rainforest Movement
Research Medal Award of the Scottish Geographical Society to Professor Michael Pacione
Econgeodata: a very interesting statistical tool realized in Italy
18th International Karstsological Karst School, Postojna (Slovenia), 14-19 June

March 2010
Abler and Hunt messages on the Chile earthquake 2010
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Fellowship 2010-2011.doc
14th Alpine Glaciology Meeting, 25-26 March
Commission on Geographical Education for Tel Aviv 2010
Space, Economy, Environment: 3rd Economic Geography Conference, 29 June-1st July Seoul 2011
International Union of Soil Sciences Alert 59, March 2010
Position Anthropogeographie in the University of Koln (in German)
LM University Munich, full Professorship for Human-Environment relations
In memory of Bernard Gutsell
L'Espace Politique, n.14 Politique of Sex, Call for Papers
Conference on Data Handling, Hong Kong, 26-28 May
Symposium Autocarto 2010, Orlando (Florida), 15-19 November
Help for Chile: wonderful example of the IGU usefulness
ATIGN, Geotunis, 29 November-3 December 2010 (English, French, Arab)
Mediterranean Renaissance Project, Update March 2010
International Association of Geomorphology Conference, Addis Ababa, 18-22 February 2011
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, latest Newsletter
IGU Commission C08.25, Seminar in Guwahati (Assam) 11-13 December

April 2010
Turkish Geographical Society, Annual Report 2009
Contained Memory Conference 2010, Wellington (New Zealand), 9-11 December 2010
Gend-Geo: Pedestrian Crossing Signals
Hong Kong Baptist University, Post Doctoral Fellow
Hong Kong Baptist University, invites 6 Elite Visitors
Eurogeo Seminar on Sustainable Geographies, Prague, 8 May
International Cartographic Conference, Paris, 3-5 July 2011
Applied Geography in Theory and in Practice, Zagreb, 5-6 November
International Federation of Landscape Architecture, Zurich, 27-29 June 2011
International Conference on Land Reclamations, Bologna (Italy), May 14th
Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science, Singapore, 4-6 December 2010
Possible job in the International International Polar Year
Report of the Turkish Geographical Society
Applied Geography Conference, Fort Worth, 20-23 October
Applied Geography in Theory and in Practice, Zagreb, 5-6 November
International Geosphere Biosphere Council, approved Scientific Committee Members
Medcoast: change of dates of the Training Workshop in Turkey, now 14-30 September

May 2010
PhD position in the University of Zurich
L'Homme @ distance, Le Havre, 17-19 November
3rd Congress on Image and Signals Processing, Yantay (China), 2nd Circular
5th Meeting on Ancient Cartography and Collecting in Italy, Perugia, June 25-26
Extended deadline for CACS, Singapore, 4-6 December
New Caucasian Journal of geographical interest
Martha Musa Prize, call for applications
University of Cape Town, Pro Vice President Position
University of Cape Town Pro Vice President Position, job description
Commission on Political Geography, Program for Tel Aviv2010
2 interesting documents by the National Academy of Sciences (USA)

June 2010
International Polar Year comes to a close
President Abler letter about ICSU Grants 2011
Space and Power in Italy, Siena, 19 October
International Social Science Council supports IGU initiative for a UN International Year for Global Understanting
Social and Human Sciences e-News June 2010
ICSU strategic plan 2012-2017 for researches in energy
New Science Officer Position in ICSU
Election of a new IGU Vice President by postal ballot
C08.01, IGU Commission on Applied Geography, meeting in Ericeira (Portugal), update
Information from Commission on Geographical Education
The death of Laris Kristof
Important position in the University of Singapore
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Information from IGU Commission on Karst
Task Force TF03-08, Report 2008-09
New chair and representative of Singapore IGU National Committee
Mediterranean Renaissance Program, Report March 2010

July 2010
Software Engeneering and Intelligent Systems Conferences, Wuhan, 16-20 December
Geography Professor Position in the University of Seoul
Regional Conference of IAG/EAG, organised by Ethiopian Association of Geomorpholgists, Addis Abeba, 18-22 February 2011
International Union of Social Sciences: Alert 63, July 2010
International Council of Scientific Unions, newsletter July 2010
Brad Coombes New Chair of the C08.21
International Social Science Council, Report 2008-2009
IUGS announces the Closure of the International Polar Year
Jerusalem, 14-16 October, Joint initiative Christian, Hebrew and Palestinian: The Global Challenge, Preliminary Program
Travel and Travelers, Seminar, University of Minho, 17 December 2010
East Asian Seas Conference 2009, Manila 23-27 November
Position in the Hofstra University, New York State

August 2010
ICSU, World Data System, info and requirements for International Program Officer
ICSU, World Data System, info-form
25th International Cartographic Conference, Paris, 3-8 July
Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Seattle (Washington), 12-16 April
Woodrow Wilson Scholar Fellowships 2011-2012
Newsletter of Retired Geographers Organisation
New Chilean Journal: Revista Geografica del Sur
IUGS E Bullettin #54

September 2010
3rd International Geography Congress, Kozhikode, Kerala (India), 6-8 May 2011
Launch of the UGI 2011 Regional Conference in Santiago de Chile
ICSU: Belmont Report now available in the web
World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, Changchun, 17-19 June
Lee Kuan Yew prize 2012
2011 International Conference on Data Engineering and Internet Technology, Bali, 17-19 May
Conference on Fences, Walls, Borders: Insecurity (in English and French), Quebec, last week of May 2011
EUROGEO 2011:Geography your World, A European Perspective, Athens, 2-5 June 2011

October 2010
Householding in Transition: Emerging Dynamics in 'Developing' East and Southeast Asia, Singapore 24-26 July
Society of Lituanian Geographers resumes activity
Human Development Report 2010
Commission on Geographical Education Symposium, London, 18-20 April
Director Vacancy at the Comparative Research Program on Poverty, University of Bergen
Report from the Primero Festival Mexicano de Geografia, Taxco, 14-17 October 2010

November 2010
Vautrin-Lud Award to Denise Pumain
Italian Geographers congratulate with Professor Maria Paradiso
Updating from the Cologne 2012 LOC
IUSS November 2010
National Visiting Fellowship in India
Eurogeo monthly Newsletter
Grand Challenges in Earth System, from Science, Nov.2010
United Nations Bullettin on Geographical Names, Nov.2010
Mediterranean Renaissance Project - Report 2010
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research in Bejing
Séminaire Genre et Développement Rural, Toulouse, Janvier-Juillet 2011 (in French)

December 2010
The Feminist Geography Journal Gender, Place and Culture is searching a new Editor
Gender, Place and Culture Award 2011 for New and Emerging Scholars
Commission on Geographical Education Symposium, London 2011
Gender and Geography, new Brazilian Latin-American Journal (multilingual)
Free GIS training for European teacher trainers, along the EUROGEO Conference in Athens (2-5 June 2011)
Imagining rural landscapes beyond traditional gender(ed) structures, London 31 August-2 September 2011, in the RGS