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NEWS 2011
January 2011
The Feminist Geography Journal Gender, Place and Culture is searching a new Editor
Gender, Place and Culture Award 2011 for New and Emerging Scholars
Commission on Geographical Education Symposium, London 2011
Gender and Geography, new Brazilian Latin-American Journal (multilingual)
Free GIS training for European teacher trainers, along the EUROGEO Conference in Athens (2-5 June 2011)
Imagining rural landscapes beyond traditional gender(ed) structures, London 31 August-2 September 2011, in the RGS
AAG 2011, Seattle, Workshop on Global Education Geography
Call for the C08.33 (Emerging Urban Transformations) Working Papers
ICSU 10 Years Research Initiatives
ICSU Report from the Sponsor Meeting in Paris, 2010
CIRSI, Seminar on Diversity, Gender and Discrimination in Spaces, Bruxelles, 16-18 February
CIRSI, Bruxelles Seminar, French version
CIRSI, Bruxelles Seminar, Italian version
CIRSI, Bruxelles Seminar, Albanese version
Communication from the LOC of IGU 2012 in Cologne
Call for papers on Generations in Feminism, to be published in "thirdspace"
Italy-Pakistan economic relations, Italian Geographical Society, 26-27 January
International Conference on Computational Science, Santander, 20-23 June
IGU Urban Geography Commission Meeting, Canterbury, 14-20 August
2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Systems, ICICS 2011, Amman, 22-24 May
MEDCOAST 11, 10th International Conference on Mediterranean Coastal Environment, Rhodes, 25-29 October
GI 2011, Implementing Digital Earth in Education, Salzburg, 5-8 June
The sudden demise of Rex Walford
5th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation, Padova (Italy), 13-17 June
Seconde édition de la Biennale de Cartographie, Lausanne, 14-15 Avril
Call for a postodtoral social Scientist in the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Bangalore
Gender, Place and Culture Journal searching for a New Editor
Extreme Geography
Call for Papers for Gender and Geography, Journal for Latin America
RGS-IBGAnnual Conference, London, 31 Aug -2 Sept
IGU Travel Grants for Santiago 2011
UGI Becas de viaje por Santiago 2011
Forms for the UGI Commissions wanting to propose a Session in the UGI Congress, Köln 2012:
Landslide and Urban Risk Reduction, Session in the Second World Landslide Forum, FAO Headquarters, Rome, 3-9 October

February 2011
IGU C08.36, Geoparks: Second Forum, Taining (Fujian, China), 27-29 May
Conference on Fences, Walls, Borders: Insecurity (English and French), Quebec, 17-18 May (updated)
5 Faculty positions in the Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
New Academic Journal of EUROGEO
Call from Egyptian friends
Information for Geography Teachers, very useful EUROGEO site, monthly renewed
Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group of AAG: Book Event in Seattle Conference, Call for Book nomination
Professor position in the Loghborough University
Gender, Place and Culture, Journal of Feminist Geography, annual Award 2011
President Abler's answer to the complaints against the location of IGU 2011 in Santiago de Chile
Generation of Feminism, call for reviews
Managing Alpine Future II, Innsbruck, 21-23 November
Russian Geographical Society, Newsletter 2011

March 2011
10th Symposium of Saudi Arabia Universities Geography Departments, 3-5 May
Post socialist tourism in Central-Estern Europan Countries, Bucharest, 26-28 May
Semester for Research in Leibniz University, Hannover, offered by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Submit abstracts to Scritture migranti, Italian international journal dedicated to writings on migration
Whose Alps are these?, Conference in Agordo (Veneto, Italy), 22-24 September, Call for papers
(Re)Integration and Development, Portroz-Portorose, Slovenia, 22-24 May
Derek Gregory appointed Peter Wall Distinguished Professor
European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography, Athens, Harakopio University, 2-5 september
Querelles, Yearbook for Women's and Gender Studies invites contributions for Vol. 16(2011)

Special: News from Japan
Direct Geographer information from the quake in Japan
More Information from Japanese Geographers, impressive before-afer photos of north-eastern Japanese coast
Quake aftermath: from the former IGU Vice President Hiroshi Tanabe
Life is back, with difficulty (17 March)
New update from VP Yukio Himiyama (18 March)
Still from Yukio: Map of Foreign Nationals living in Eastern Japan, by Professor Yoshitaka Ishikawa
Statement of the Executive Committee of Science Council of Japan (from Yukio, 21 March)
New from Japan, many bad, some good, from VP Yukio Himiyama (26 March)
New update from VP Yukio Himiyama, on the incredible activity of the Japanese geographers

April 2011
International Symposium on Geosites Management
Work, Organisation and Professions, Porto, 7-8 July
International Symposium on Geosites Management, 5-10 September
Commission on Geographical Education: call for papers for next Newsletter
Brasilian Genderand Geography Journal, available on line
Lahiri Dutt Editor, Gendering the field, volume available on line
Antoine Bailly awarded with Vautrin Lud Prize 2011
First Circular of the IGU Regional Conference 2012 in Koln
Conference on Geosites, Savoie (France), 5-10 September
ICSU for Rio+20
UN Resources Institut for Social Development, Geneva, October 2011
Important new on International Year for Global Understanding

Special: more news from Japan
Restless VP Yukio, now taking photos
The incredible reconstruction of the Highway was not a Hoax: thanks, Yukio
From Yukio: One month later

May 2011
Geographical articles on Japanese Earthquake
Crossing Borders, Traversing Boundaries, Singapore, 13-14 October 2011
Commission on Sustainability of Rural System, Galway (Ireland), 1-7 August 2011
25th International Cartographic Conference, Paris, 3-8 July
ISSC letter to Abler, asking co-operation from Geographers
Computer Application and Computational Science, International Congress Bali, 15-17 November
Call for papers on the populations of the Persian/Arabic Gulf (in English and French)
Koln 2012 IGU International Congress, Newsletter May 2011

June 2011
Turkish Geographical Society, Activity Report 2010
International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, Shanghai, 15-17 October 2011
EMUNI Journal, call for papers

July 2011
Université Paris Sorbonne ŕ Abu Dhabi: appel pour articles sur Populations et États du Golfe Arabo-Persique
Université Paris Sorbonne ŕ Abu Dhabi: Populations and Countries in the Persian Gulf, call for papers (English)
Journal of Geography in Higher Education, call for papers
Last news about the International Year of Global Understanding
Disaster Risk Reduction and the World Reconstruction Conference, Geneva, 8-13 May 2011
Issue no. 3 of Justice spatiale/Spatial Justice: downoadable articles (French, English)
Asia-Pacific Worlds in Motion IV, Singapore, February 2012, call for papers
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning, call for papers

August 2011
Remembering Mercator in Sint Niklaas (Belgium), 25-28 April 2012
ICA-IGU Joint Comission on Toponymy
EUROGEO free course on GIS and Spatial Thinking, Dublin, June 2012
Geography International Symposium, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 13-17 April 2012
International Cartographic Association in Santiago 2011
European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, 8th - 10th September 2011
Searching a Reviewer for the book Gendering Field
International Congress Geotunis 2012. Sixth Session, 26-30 March 2012
Gender and Geography Commission initiatives in Germany 2012

September 2011
IGU election in Cologne 2012: call for nominatios
Latest issue of International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
Gender Place Culture looking for a book reviewer
2 years Lectureship in Loughborough University
Gender memories on War and Political Violence, Istambul 22-23 May 2012
Session on Ethics of Rubbish, AAG 2012, 2nd call for papers
Survey on UK HE in Geography, first results
Gender, Place and Culture Award for New and Emerging Scholars
Commission on Geography of Governance, activity 2012
3rd Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network, Kunming 12-15 October 2012
Commission on History of Geography, activity for Köln 2012 (English and French)
Commission on Mountain Response on Global Change, Meeting before Köln 2012
Köln 2012, 2nd Circular
Yu Wooik, former IGU EC Member, working for peace

October 2011
New Challenges for Local Governance
12 International Symposium on Data Handling, Meeting before Köln 2012
Genre et agriculture familiale et paysanne, Toulouse, May 2012
Fleuves et Teritoires (Rivers and Areas), Macon (France), 13-14 Septembre 2012
Des groupes ŕ l'individu, Nantes, 25-38 March 2012
Landscapes of Canada, call for proposals, Dublin, 10-12 May 2012
Safeport, Amsterdam, 11 November
Borderscapes III, Trieste, 28-30 June 2012

November 2011
2012 Outreach from International Year of Planet Earth
Koeln IGU Congress 2012: EUROGEO organizes 2 Sessions and will hold its Annual Association Meeting
EUROGEO organises another free GIS training course for teachers, Dublin, 29 May - 3 June 2012
Geography Education Symposium, 22-25 August 2012, before IGU Congress
C08.07 in Koeln 2012: Multilocality, Call for Papers (English)
C08.07 ŕ Cologne 2012: Polytopique, Appel ŕ communication (Français)
Gender migration, call for papers from Parvati Raghuram
Activities of the Commission on Transports and Geography in the IGU Koeln 2012 Congress
ICSU News, November 2011

December 2011
Task Force Olympiad, Report 2010
C08.035 ŕ Cologne 2012: climate change and travel behavior
Minutes of the ICSU General Assembly, Rome September 2011 (draft, without Annexes)
Communications, Mobility, Computing, Call for Papers, Guilin 21-23 May 2012
IGU 2011, Santiago de Chile, Post Conference Report (reduced)
C08.13 newsletter Autumn 2011
New Challenges for Local Governance, Lisbon, 12-14 April, Call for Papers
Association of American Geographers, Annual Conference, New York, 24-28 February
ICSU new Program for Urban Health, nominations request for Scientific Committee and ...
... ICSU form to fill for candidates
Society South African Geographers, Conference 21-22 June
New Horizons, New Opportunities in Tourism, Conference, Lesvos (Greece) 28 June-1 July
IAGA (International Association for Geomagnetism and Aeronomy), newsletter 48