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NEWS 2013
January 2013
j-reading, new journal on Didactic of Geography
12th International Asian Urbanization Conference, Varanasi, 28-30 December
EUROGEO Conference, Bruges, 9-11 May
IAGA News, December 2012
Innovative Strategies in Management, Commerce, Education, Lucknow, 24-25 February
Against Child Abuse and Sexual Assault, New York 19-22 and Dakar (Senegal) 25-28 February
Visual methods in mediated environments: connecting diverse worlds, Victoria University, Wellington, 2-6 September 2013

February 2013
Intersections of gender and sexual orientation, 2nd call for papers
Colonial and Postcolonial Urban Planning in Africa, Lisbon 5-6 September
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers an assistant professor of Women's Studies position to begin August 19, 2013
Click and Kin: Transnational Identity and Quick Media
The journal Space and Culture in India is looking for Authors and collaborators.
International Cartographic Conference, Dresden (Germany), second announcement
14th All Pakistan Geographical Conference, postponed to 5-8 April 2013 2013
Statistical notice from Kyoto, January 2013
Global Suburbanisms: Governance, Land and Infrastructure in the 21st Century, York University, Toronto, 26-28 September
7th International Conference on Population Geographies, Groningen, The Netherlands, 1-3 July 2013
Human Security and Sustainable Development in the Pacific Island and Rim, Fiji, 8-12 July 2013
L'Information Géographique et le Monde Changeant, Sfax, Faculté de Lettres, 27-28 Janvier 2014
Eau: Ressource, risque et dévelopment durable, Fès (Maroc) 27-28 November 2013

March 2013
Help Geographical Education in The Netherlands
Island Development, Economy, Culture, Innovation and Sustainability, Penghu (Taiwan), 1-5 October
Chair in Human Geography position in Bristol
Global Congress on Intelligent Systems and Global Congress on Intelligent Systems Hong Kong, 3-4 December
From the IGU Commission Mountain Response on Global Change
European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, Lisbon, 5-7 September, Session "Towards Cosmopolitan Geographies of Migrations and Sexualities"
EUROGEO, Bruges, update
Africa Climate Conference, Arusha (Tanzania), 15-18 October
Workshop on Information Technology, Shenyang, 23-25 July 2013
ICSU Insight, March 2013

April 2013
Association for Borderlands Studies 1st World Conference, Joensuu-St. Petersburg, 9-13 June 2013
Commission on Political Geography for Kyoto
Workshop on Diplomatic Cultures, London College, 21-22 June
Borders, Walls and Security, University of Quebec at Montreal, 17-18 October
Territorial capital - concepts, indicators & policy, Warsaw, 8-12 October 2013
Initiative to strengthen geographic education in Canada
Borderlands Modeling and Understanding for Global Sustainability, Beijing, 5-6 December
University of Zurich, PhD postions, closing date 25 May 2013
Geopolitical Tales, unconventional joint effort by a group of political geographers
Future Earth, Newsletter April 2013

May 2013
Review of International Geographical Education Online (RIGEO) Vol.3, n.1 is online at http://www.rigeo.org
Internships at the Anna Lindh Foundation
Belgeo, appel a propositions, call for papers
IGU Bullettin 2013 now available
International Political Sociology on Territorialities, Spaces, Geographies, free access for one year
IGU Commission Gender and Geography, Newsletter n.50, May 2013
Geopolitics toward Future, Rome, 2-4 September 2013
Cultural Heritage and Regional Development, Wageningen, 9-11 October
Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies, 31 October-1 November
Collège International des Sciences du Territoire, 2e Colloque, Paris, 27-28 Mars 2014
ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographers, Call for New Editors.

June 2013
New relations between YES and IGU
Vacancy Announcement in CROP
Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Sex Work Conference, California University of Pennsylvania, 15-19 July, and BCEAO Senegal, 22-25 July
Future Earth, new Science Committee elected, 17th June 2013
Tunis Summer School, Human Rights and Democratic Transition, 18-23 August
IGU Brochure 2012-2014
International Conference Vajont 1963-2013, 50 years from catastrophic landslide, Padua, 8-10 October
San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment
AAG SmartBrief, June 2013
Domestic Democratic Transitions and the Evolving Euro-Mediterranean Framework, Manouba University, Tunis, 18-23 August 2013
Association of American Geographers anounces the new AAG Review of BooksReview
International Panel on Climate Change, publications for free
Mountain Research and Development Journal, call for papers
Resources minières en Amérique et Mutation du Continent, Grenoble, 11-13 Juin 2014, appel à communication

July 2013
Frans Berkhout named Interim Director of Future Earth, since 1 July 2013
Ca Foscari University, Venice, 2013-14: 2nd level Professional Master’s Programme in Port Economics and Management (PEM)
Conference on Mountain Response to Global Change, Srinagar, 4-5 June 2014
European Union in International Affairs, (EUIA): Conference Brussels, 22-24 MAY 2014
EUROGEO Conference 2014, Malta, 15-17 May
Post Doctorate positions, Durham 2013-14
Call for Expression of Interest, Visiting Professor, City of Vienna, 2014
Future Earth new online magazine
Region-2013: Optimal Development Strategy: International Conference, Karkhiv, 7-8 November 2013
Future Earth Newsletter, July 2013
Espace Politique, published by IGU Commission on Political Geography, n.2 2013: Barrières Frontalières, now online
Grieve in Brasil, for the death of Bertha Becker
AAG SmartBrief, July 2013
Obituary for the demise of Kashi Nath Singh
Selection process for the Future Earth permanent secretariat
Social Science Research Center Berlin, call for fellowship application
LES online, new issue
Commission on Political Geography, meeting on Political Geography and Environment, Eugene (Oregon, 19-21 June 2014
Commission on Geographical Education, Newsletter July 2013

August 2013
AAG SmartBrief, August 2013
Forum sur le rapport entre la langue et les contextes sociétaux de production de la connaissance, Paris, 3-4 Juillet 2014 (in several languages)
AAG SmartBrief, August 2013-2
ISPRS-IGU-ICA Workshop on Borderlands Modeling and Understanding for Global Sustainability, Beijing, 5-6 December 2013
AAG SmartBrief, August 2013-3

September 2013
IGU Commission on Geography of Governance, Session in the UAA Annual Conference
CISP-BMEI, Hangzhou 16-18 December 2013, extended Call for papers.
anti-Atlas des Frontières-The anti-Atlas of borders, Aix-en-Provence, 30 Septembre-2 Octobre
Declaration on Geographical Education in Europe, signed in the EUGEO Congress, Rome, September 2013
L'Espace politique, n°24 (2/2014): Appel à contribution, Call for papers
AAG SmartBrief, September 2013/12
IUCN launches the 1st Environment and Gender Index
Borderlands Studies Annual Conference, Albuquerque (NM), 2-5 April 2014
Conferencia Anual de Estudios Fronterizos, Albuquerque (NM), 2-5 Abril 2014
Krakow 2014, Session of the IGU Commission on Political Geography
Border Studies, call for Papers, Joensuu-St.Petersburg, 9-13 June 2014
AAG SmartBrief, September 2013/28

October 2013
University of Sunshine Coast (Australia) seeking for a Professor of Geography
AAG SmartBrief, October 4th 2013
4th International Conference on City, Urban Retail and Consumption, Naples, 14-17 October
EUROGEO Newsletter, September 2013/28
5 PhD positions in the University of Amsterdam
5 PhD positions in the University of Oulu (Finland)
Rigeo, Vol.3, 2013, n.2
Joint Session C12.33 (Political Geography) and C12.20 (History of Geography) for Krakow 2013
Call for articles in the new Springer Series "Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences), directed by IGU VP R.B. Singh
AAG SmartBrief, October 17th 2013
University of West Indies position for Lecturer in Geography, appliances before 7th November 2013
AAG SmartBrief, October 24th 2013

November 2013
United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names, Bulletin 45
Report of the EGAL (Encuentro Geografos America Latina), Lima, 8-12 Avril 2013 (in Spanish)
VP Qin Dahe awarded the prestigious Volvo Environment Prize
The first Newsletter of the International Social Sciences Council
IGU travel grants for 2014 Regional Conference in Krakow, application form
News from International Social Sciences Council
Calls for papers in the Sessions organised in Krakow by the IGU Commission on Political Geography
Position in the Lund University
Scholarship in Waikato University, New Zealand

December 2013
Commission on Geographical Governance, Annual Conference, Poznan 14-16 August 2014
Call for application: Conference on Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing in Green Economy, Villa Vigoni, Como (Italy), 25-31 May 2014
Latin American Seminar on Geography, Gender, Sexuality, Porto Velho (Brasil), 8-11 October