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January 2014
11th International Seminar of Medical Geography, Rome, 18-20 December
11° Seminario Internazionale di Geografia Medica, Roma, 18-20 Dicembre
EUROGEO Confere3nce 2014, Malta, 15-17 May
Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba: fellowship on Geopolitics and Border Studies, 24 months starting between March and October 2014
Eurogeo Journal, January 2014
American Association of Geographers, Smart Brief, January 16th
International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications, Toronto, 6-8 October

February 20014
International Social Science Council: call for application to become World Social Science Fellows
American Association of Geographers, Smart Brief, January 30th
Roger Tomlison Obytuary
Journal of Arts and Humanities, Maryland (USA), call for articles
EUROGEO News, February 2014
Université Lille 3 et Savoie: Appel a contributions pour le Dossier Thématique n.44, Pratiques télévisuelles a l'ère di numérique
Joint Symposium IGU-ICA on Place Names Changes, Roma, 17-18 November 2014
Report from the IPBES Antalya Session, December 2013
Journal of Arts and Humanities, call for papers
Proche Orient, les réfugées et la Suisse, Genève, 27-28 février 2014
Bulletin of Geography, University of Torun: call for papers to be published and distributed in the IGU Conference in Krakow
ISSC Young, Global Social Governance, London, 28 July-3 August 2014
École Normale Supérieure, Paris: Cycle de Conferences sur l'Extrême Orient, 5 Mars-14 Mai
Protected Areas Toward 2020, Pineto (Italy), June 2-4 2014, call for papers
Photography contest: Transversalidades - Fotografia sem Fronteiras: Territórios, Sociedades e Culturas em tempos de mudança
Forum sur le rapport entre la langue et les contextes sociétaux de production de la connaissance, Paris, 3-4 Juillet 2014 (in several languages)
Diversity in the City, Lisbon, 26-27 June, call for abstracts
International Social Sciences Council, Newsletter 2 (February 2014)
Specialist session: Gender, Sex, Space and Place, Melbourne University, 30 Jun3-2 July 2014

March 2014
Imprints of WW1 on European Borders Landscapes, Trieste-Koper-Portorož 2-4 October
Economic Space Transformation in Post Soviet Time, Altai State University, Barnaul, 8-13 September
Landscapes: Perception, Knowledge, Awareness and Action, Brasov, 16-18 May
A new interesting website: People Space and Place
Frans Berkhout nominated as Interim Director of Future Earth
EUROGEO news, March 2014
From Informal to Insurgent Governance, Tbilisi State University, 7-8 June (Georgia)
US Bureau of Census, data and maps
C12.40, Water and sustainability: new challenges and solutions, Dubrovnik 24-28 August 2014
International Journal of Economics, call for manuscripts
East View LandScanGlobal Datasets, the Compilation
Full Professor position in Vienna University of Economics and Business
La Frontière : une source d'innovation, Arras (France), 4-6 Novembre 2014 (in French with parts in English)
Bibliographie Géographique Internationale, is now accessible free, in French and English
Comité Nationale Française de Francophonie, Territoires du "post-conflit", Paris, Université Paris-Sorbonne, 23 May
Borders at the interface, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba, December 7-11 2014
Lecturer position in Political Geography, University of Zurich
American Association of Geographers, Smart Brief, January 16th
Transnational and Transborder Familial and Gender Relations, University of Oxford, 23-25 September
ICSU News, March 2014
Everyday Nationhood, London School of Economics, 8 September 2014
Two Lecturerships position in the University of Oxford

April 2014
6th Joint Symposium Indonesia-Japan, Jogyakarta, 28-30 October 2014
Unpacking the state in state-diaspora engagements, University of Leicester, 22 August
Conflits de lieux, Lieux de conflits. Appel à comunications. Aix en Provence, 29-30 Janvier 2015
EVG, (East View Geospatial), an excellent source of information: issue on Chile
International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, 5-10 July 2015
MA in Education, University of London
AAG Smart Brief, 17 April 2014
Operations of USA's secret military in Africa
Master's in Development Practice, University of Arizona: application Summer-Fall 2014
Symposium on Ideas and History of Geographical knowledge, Rio de Janeiro, 16-20 December 2014 (English)
Colloque sur Les Idées et la Histoire de la connaissance géographique, Rio de Janeiro, 16-20 Decembre 2014 (French)
Synposium: Circulação das Idéias et História dos saberes Geográphicos, Rio de Janeiro, 16 a 20 Dezembro 2014 (Portuguese)
EVG, (East View Geospatial): issue on Botswana
CONFLITS, Nouvelle Revue Française de Géopolitique
AAG Newsletter, April 2014
EVG: issue on Vietnam

May 2014
Free number of the Island Studies Journal on the Mediterranean Islands
EVG: Offerings and Capabilities
AAG Smart Brief, May 1st
New Journal in Geopolitics
EVG: Issue on Argentina
Terminaux et environnements numériques mobiles dans l'espace francophone, Bordeaux, 4-7 Novembre
AAG Smart Brief, May 15th
Ecole Thématique Mob'Huma'Nip, "Arts et sciences sociales en mouvement: pour revisiter l'in-situ, Rezé (dans le sud de Nantes, Bretagne)
EVG: Issue on South Africa, May 15th
Pour les amis francophones: Merci au Prof. Yves Bouquet, on peut publiquer le Procés verbale de la Réunion du Comité Executif de l'UGI a Moscow (en distribution avec la prochaine Newsletter, a la fine de Juillet)
AAG Smart Brief, May 23th
Security/Mobility: Between Imagination and Authority, Amsterdam, 25-26 September 2014
EVG: Issue on Serbia, May 19th
AAG Smart Brief, May 29th
IGU Water Commission, Dubrovnik, 24-28 August

June 2014
EVG: Issue on Ecuador, June 4th
AAG Smart Brief, June 5th
10 years of Eastern Enlargement, Symposium, Wien 3-4 December 2014, Call for Papers
Report of the International Social Science Union, Paris, 12-13 May 2014
Urban Landscapes, Landscaping (the) Urban, Berlin, 1-6 October 2014
EVG: Issue on Vietnam, June 11th
AAG Smart Brief, June 12th
II Seminario LatinoAmericano, Porto Velho, October, Papers Submission Extended
GendGeo Commission, Newsletter 52, June 2014 (English)
ICSU Insight, June 18th
EVG: Issue on Indonesia, June 18th
Gender and Geography Commission: Gender, Place and Culture now publishing the 21st volume
AAG Smart Brief, June 19th
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, call for papers
IGU ballot to elect 1 Secretary General-Treasurer and 4 Vice Presidents, to take position in the Crakow Conference
Session organised in ICHG by "UNDER ITS OWN NAME? FEMINIST HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY 2015", London, 5-10 July 2015
Geo Capabilities 2 Project
C10.12, 52, June 2014, English
"A quoi servent les frontières?" "What are borders made for?", Grenoble, 12-15 Mars 2015
EVG: Issue on Canada, June 25th
22nd International Conference of Europeanists, New York, Columbia University, 8-10 July 2015
C12.10, Newsl. 52, Mayo 2014, Spanish
AAG Smart Brief, June 26th

July 2014
Colloque sur les Villes du monde arabe, Paris, 23 October 2014
EVG, Issue on Argentina
AAG Smart Brief, July 3rd
UN Millennium Goals: discussion. Middlebury (Vermont), 12-14 March 2015
Appel à contributions thématique: Géopolitique et Santé, jusq'à 30 Janvier 2015.
Political Geographies of Development, Risk and Securitization", Department of Geography Bonn, September, 30 - October, 2
EVG, Issue on Former Yugoslavia
NAGI, 36th Indian Geography Congress, Jaipur, 17-19 November 2014
EUGEO Conference, Budapest, 30 August - 2 September 2015
Gender Issues in Urban Areas, call for papers
AAG Smart Brief, July 17th
Commission on Geographical Education, Newsletter 6, July 2014
I Congreso Brasileiro de Geografia Politica, Rio de Janeiro, Campo Gavea, 7-10 Outubro
EVG, Issue on Israel
AAG Annual Conference, Chicago, 21-25 April 2015
EVG, the new edition of Land Scan
Alpes et Ardennes, partage d'expériences entre zones montagnardes transfrontalières, Sedan, 15 Septembre 2014
ISUF 2015: City as organism, New visions for urban life, Rome, 22-26 September 2015
EVG, Issue on Algeria

August 2014
Association of American Geographers, Annual Conferernce, Chicago 2015, call for papers

Tallin-Tartu (Estonia), Tallin-Tartu, 15-19 June 2015
EVG, Issue on Ukraine
International Social Sciences Council, Newsletter August 2014
EUROGEO News, August 2014
C12.33, Commission on Political Geography, Newsletter 18, August 2014
Association of American Geographers, News August 2015
Association of American Geographers, Geogram, 28 August 2015

Association of American Geographers, SMart Brief, 28 August 2014

September 2014
Region-2014: Optimal Development Strategy, Kharkiv, 6-7th November, 2014
      (with the HofG Editor's admired compliments for helding cultural initiatives in the oblast close to Lugansk and Donetsk)

European Borders without walls, European Studies, open on line, 10 Units, September 22 to December 1
Global Young Academy, call for membership
Association of American Geographers, Smart Brief, 11 September 2014
EVG, 11 September 2014, Issue on Ukraine
International Year of Soils proposed at UN Assembly
Commission on Gender and Geography, appeal to organize Sessions for Moscow IGU 2015
Commission on Mediterranean Basin, appeal to organize Sessions for Moscow IGU 2015
Sustainable Mountain Conference: Let them work. Borovets (Bulgaria), 14-16 May 2015
CFP Feminist partecipatory mthodology, special issue
HUB on Gender Hosted by National University of Cordoba, Argentina
New from EVG and Intermap
Job in Political Geography, In Texas State Universty, San Marcos
AAG 2015, Chicago, AAG 2015, Session on "The Gendered City"
Comm. on Geography of Governance and Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, Lisbon, 9-10 April 2015
AAG 2015, Chicago, Session on "Enacting Alternative Geographies"
The Art of Bordering, Rome, 24-26 October 2015
AAG 2015, Chicago, AAG 2015, Session on "The Gendered City"
Great scientific success for India: successfull attempt to launch a satellite around Mars
EVG, 23 September 2014, Issue on Syria
2 CFP from IGU Commission on Geographical Education
AntiAtlas des Frontières, series of presentations in Europe, in September and October: Paris, Geneve, St Dié des Vosges, Berlin, Ferrara, Roma
ABS Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon on April 8-11, 2015
AAG Chicago Annual Meeting: new, 26 September 2014

Octber 2014
EVG Landscan, 27 September 2014
Oxford, Geographies of "Area", Oxford, 12 January 2015
AAG Geogram, 7 October 2014 (updates for the AAG Conference, Chicago 2015)
International Council of Sciences, October 2014 Insight
Brunei Darussalam University, Position in Human/Cultural Geography
EUGEO 2015, Sessions proposal extended
Journées géopolitiques de Reims, 12 novembre 2014
Geographic Perspective on Women, call for articles
AAG Smart Brief, 14 October 2014 (updates for the AAG Conference, Chicago 2015)
EVG, 16 October 2014, issue on IRAN
Canada Research Chair position in Global Urbanism
EUROGEO News, October 2014
Journal of Alpine Researches, special issue, call for papers
Important position in Viterbo University, La Crosse, Wisconsin
EU 10 years of Eastern Enlargement, Symposium, Wien 3-4 December 2014, Call for Papers
ISSC Newsletter, August 2014
EVG, 22 October 2014, issue on Yemen
AAG Smart Brief, 22 October 2014
EVG, 29 October 2014, issue on Vietnam
International Conference: Society, Education and Management, Firozabad (India, U.P.), 22-23 November 2014
EUROGEO News, October 2014

November 2014
IGU Commission on History of Geography, Session in the Moscow Congress, English
IGU Commission on Histoire de la Géographie, Session in the Moscow Congress, French
IGU Commission on Gender and Geography, Session in the Moscow Congress
EVG, 5 November 2014, issue on Jordan
AAG Chicago 2014
Melbourne 2015, 2 positions
Evaluation of the phase VII of International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO, Paris,18-20 June 2014.
IGU C12.40 after IHP, Paris, 18-20 June 2014
World: more border walls than ever
Documentation Photographique, issue sur le Moyen Orient
Geopolitics special issue on climate, conflict and security
Gendered Right to the City, Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin, 19-20 April 2015
Cfp ASEN Conference "Nationalism Diversity and Securit", London School of Economics, 21-23 April 2015
PAM Academic Platform in the Mediterranean
IGU Commission "Mountain Response to Global Change", Session for Moscow Conference
AAG Smart Brief, 20 November 2014
Workshop "Geography of Area", School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, 12 January 2015
EVG, 11 November 2014, issue on Fiji
Medical Geography (brochure), Perugia, December 2014
AGF, Grand Barrages et Frontières, Paris, Rue Saint Jacques, 13 December 2014
EUROGEO Newsletter, November 2014
EVG: 21 November 2014, 25 years of activity
AAG Newsletter, November 2014
Justice in Migration, Amsterdam, 4-5 December 2015
Commission Gender and Geography, Newsletter 53, November 2014, English (also available in Spanish and French)
Borders at the Interface, Beer Sheba and Jerusalem, 7-11 December 2015
Borders at the Interface, Reception for Prof. David Newman
Geography of Anthropocene, Exeter, 1-4 September 2015

December 2014
Geographic Perspective on Women: Awards 2015
Anti Oppression Pedagogies, April 2015
EVG: 4 December, issue on Tanzania
New President and Executive Committee in CODATA
EVG: 10 December 2014, issue on South Africa
Sharing Cultures, Lagos (Portugal), 21-23 September 2015
Landscapes Perception, Bucharest-Constanta, 29-31 May 2015
Global Sustainable Development Report, call for brief new
Future Earth Young Scientists Conference, Villa Vigoni (Italy), 24-30 May 2015
Local Government and Urban Governance, Lisbon, 9-10 April2015
IGU Commission on Governance, Newsletter Autumn-Winter 2014
AAG Smart Brief, December 2014
ICSU Newsletter, December 2014
EVG Special Discount