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January 2015
International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
Gendered Right to the City, Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin, 19-20 April 2015
Between the plough and the pick, Canberra, 5-6 November 2015
EVG January 2015, Ukraine cartography available
AAG Smart Briefs, 8 January 2015 2015
Gender and Rising Inequality, London, 6-10 July 2015
New World Language Map, call fo contributes
IGU 2015, Moscow, Travel Grants Application, English Form
Repenser l'espace sociale, Turin, 21-22 Mai
Human Geography, special issue on Cuba,cfp.
American Association of Geographers Newsletter, January 2015
EC Members Assignements as Liaison person with Countries National Committees
EC Members Assignements as Liaison person with IGU Commissions
Colloque Aix-Marseille et la Méditerranée, Université Aix-Marseille, 12-13 février 2015
Colloque "Recomposition et Dévelopment Espaces Periurbaine Bassin Méditerranéen, El Jadida (Maroc),October 2015
Repenser l'espace sociale, Turin, 21-22 May
AAG Smart Brief, 22 January 2015
Future Earth, research for global sustainability
Journal for Global Resources, Invitation fo papers
Borderless Europe, Pecs, 5-6 June 2015
Diversitas Report 2013-14
GIForum, Symposium and Exhibit, Salzburg, 7-10 July 2015
EVG 22 January, Issue on Balkans
C12.40, Commission on Water Sustainability, Newsletter 15, January 2015

February 2015
Coastal Cities and their Sustainable Future, New Forest (UK), 5-7 July 2015
Problems of Education in the 21st Centuries, call for papers
Discussion List of Feminism in Geography, Kathmandu, ICIMOD
Smart Answer for Smiling Future, organized in Portugal, with C12.35 co-operating, 27 July-2 August 2015
AAG Newsletter, February 2015
Commission for Geographical Education, c.f.p. for next Newsletter (by march 2015)
AAG Smart Brief, 5 February 2015
3 Positions in the University of Basel
International Social Sciences Council invites to co-operate in a Book-of-Blogs
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada: Post Doctoral Fellow
3rd UN Conference on Risk Reduction, Sendai, 14-18 March 2015
ICSU Newsletter, February 2015
European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, 12-16 April 2015
A New Mountain Journal to be published in Caucasus
GeoProgress Journal, Call for Papers 2015
Geography Research Forum, call for papers
Université Sorbonne, Paris, 3 months Chair (October-December 2015) in Gender Studies.
Sharing Cultures, Lagos Algarve, 21-23 September 2015
UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, February 2015 Newsletter
Oulu University, two years post doctoral position
Geographer Prof. David Lopez-Carr of UC Santa Barbara, California, named fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Adriana Galvani, call for paper in the book "From space extension to mind expansion"
EVG, 26 February 2015 issue on Mexico

March 2015
YES Newsletter, 2nd semester 2014
BlackEurope: 2 weeks summer school, Amsterdam 22 June-3 July
From the Chicago AAG April 2015 organizers
Gender in Global Value Chain, Oxford, 19-23 August, call for papers
IGU Commission on Geographical Education, Newsletter 8, March 2015
3rd UN Conference on Risk Reduction
V Centenario de la muerte da Fernando el Catolico, Valladolid, 23-25 Junio 2015
Is mean sea level growing? Yes, it is already
European Culture expressed in Sacred Landscapes, Sassari, 23-24 April 2015
Queer 'Safe Spaces' - Call for Papers, Rome, 16-18 September 2015
EVG, special offerws, March 2015
AAG Smart Brief, March 12th 2015
Landuse, Water, Climate and Urban Health in Changing Urban Environment, Pune, 4-8 November 2015
Together to manage Mediterranean coastal and marine areas: what assets for the territories? Marseille, 23-24 June 2015
Applications des Technologies Géospatiales en Géosciences, Taza (Maroc), 21-22 Octobre
AAG Smart Brief, March 19th 2015
Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference, Torino, 8-9 October 2015
Firenze-Herat, International Conference, Florence, 23 April 2015
Autumn School, Crossing borders in theory and practice, Germany and Poland, 7-11 October 2015
Europe and the World, call for paper, Amsterdam, 18 June 2015
Contested Spaces of Citizenship, Conference in Durham, 29 April 2015
PhD Studentship in Europe in 2015
Regenerating Political Geography, University of Birmingham, 24-25 June 2015
EVGN, 26 March 2015, UK Ordnance Survey

April 2016
Agricultural Landscapes of Asia, Denpasar (Bali), 11-13 September 2015
Call for organizing in India groups of critical,radical,feminist Geographers
EVG 10 April 2015, issue on Yemen
AAG Smart Brief, April 16th 2015
Symposium "Vulnerabilitè des Littoraux", Kerkennah (Tunisie), 20-24 Octobre 2015
V Seminário de Estudos Fronteiriços, Corumbà, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil), 20-22 Mayo
Sustainable Tourism in Historic Centres, Malta, 13 May
EVG 22 April 2015, issue on Syria
Dr.Banu Gökariksel, call for papers on Journal of Middle East Women's Studies
Moscow 2015, Last update, 27 April
Future Earth, Newsletter April 2015
ICSU Newsletter, April 2015
EVG 29 April 2015, issue on Cuba

May 2015
A threat to autonomy? Control and supervision of local and regional government activities, Colloque in Erlangen and Nuremberg, 26-27 Juin
Call for Nepal, by the IGU Commission on Mountains
IGU VP RB Singh: a strategy required to defend Nepal and South Asia from Earthquakes
Medcoast 2015, Varna, 6-10 October 2015
18 months Post Doctoral fellowship on sustainable Urban Development offered in Hangzhou, Datong, Hohhot.
Online course: Teaching geography for the 21st Century, by Joseph Kerski, PhD Education Manager, Broomfield, Colorado
Loughborough Universites: 10 jobs for Lecturer in various disciplines
Session on Space, Sexualities and Decolonial Theories
Female Agency, Mobility and Socio-cultural Change, Barcelona, 11-12 May/font>
EVG 21 May 2015, issue on Myanmar
South of the North? - Segregation in European Cities, Roma, 8-9 June 2015,
AAG Smart Brief, 21 May 2015
C12.10, Gender and Geography, Newsletter 54, May 2015 (text in English, Castellano, Française)
Political Geography Journal seeking for 2 new Associate Editors starting in January 2016

June 2015
AAG Smart Brief, 29 May 2015
EVG, 4 June 2015, issue on Mongolia
AAG Newsletter,June 2015
AAG 2016 Conference, San Francisco, March 29 - April-2
World Day to Combat Desertification, Milan EXPO 2015, 17 June 2015
Dept of Geography, Exeter: 9 month research post entitled 'Ludic Geopolitics'.
Geography Education Commission, call for co-operation
Revue Internationale de Tourisme, appele à la contribution
Landscan 2015, pre-release discount
AAG Smart Brief, 11 June 2015
Les migrations à l'épreuve de la nouvelle gouvernance locale, Poitiers, 10-11 Decèmbre 2015 (also in English)
AAG Smart Brief, 18 June 2015
Border Regions in Transition, Hamburg and Sonderburg, 17-20 May 2015
MOSCOW 2015: Extended registration deadline for standard payment
Journal of Global Reseaches, Jaipur: call for papers from Dr. M. M. Sheikh
Academic Response to UN International Yoga Day, 21st June (information from IGU VP R.B.Singh)
Violence Against Women and Girls, Holloway University, London, 14 September 2015
Innovative Organisations and Global Management, Novara (Italy) 21-24 Octobre 2015
Innovative Organisations and Global Management, Novara (Italy) 21-24 Octobre 2015
"Place names, Diversity, Heritage", Clarens (South Africa), 16-17 September 2015
Commission on Political Geography receives the IGU Excellence Award 2014, having been recognized as the most productive among IGU Commissions

July 2015
AAG Smart Brief, 2 July 2015
Europe in Discourse, Athens, 23-25 September 2015
Eurogeo 29-30, Malaga, September 2016,
AAG Newsletter, July 2015
Bucharest, 27-30 August (no fee, all expenses in Bucharest covered by the Organization).
IGU Commission on Geography Education, Newsletter July 2015
EVG Special Report on China Geospatial Industry
Gender, Place and Culture Journal is seeking 2 new Editors

August 2015
Present and Future of Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture, Seoul, 23-25 November 2015
Environmental Humanities searching 4 new Associate Editors
Aeroscientific Newsletter, mainly destined to aerial photographers
Land Use Change, Climate Extremes and Disasters Risk Reduction, Delhi, 23-25 March 2016
Geography of Governance, Newsletter Spring-Summer 2015
Aldea Mundo, Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela, call for papers
Geoprogress Journal (Geoprogress Onlus, Novara, Italy) call for papers 2015
J. Bucek and A. Ryder (eds), Governance in Transition (Springer)
S. O'Lear and S. Dalby (eds), Reframing Climate Change; Towards Ecological Geopolitics (Routledge)
The impact of regionalisation, joint administration and metropolisation over local, regional and central authorities in Europe 2016, Bratislava, 30th June-1st July 2016
Implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, 27-29 January 2016
AAG Smart Brief, 13 August 2015
EVG 20 August 2015, dedicated to Map cover over North America
AAG Smart Brief, 20 August 2015
Herman Kreutzman, Pamirian Crossroads, Kirghiz and Wakhi of High Asia, Harrasowitz Verlag, 2015
Report of IGU VP Soyez's visit in Oman and UAE
Announcing a Gender-Geography Bibliography Hackathon, 15-21 November, everywhere
1st Asian Conference on Geography (Chine, Japan, Korea), Shanghai, 9-12 Octobre 2015

September 2015
Documenting the IGU 2012 Congress "Down to Earth"
Round table: How Museums put Nation and World in display, Amsterdam, 28 September 2015
Cfp: Borders, Walls and Violence, Conference in Montreal, May 2016
AAG Smart Brief, 3 September 2015
Future Earth Newsletter, September 2015
Impact of mobile phones in Africa
Interview with VP R.B.Singh on disasters risk reduction
Paul Claval, Penser le Monde en géographe. Soixante ans de réflexion, Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015, 265 p.
L.Herrington, A.Mckay and J.Haynes: Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the 21st Century. Open access collection from E-IR.
An article of the World Social Sciences Forum Newsletter, September 2015, declares that the institution of 2016 as International Year of Global Understanding, presented by Prof. Benno Werlen of the International Geographical Union, reached the final stage
Maillages Territoriaux, Démocratie et Elections, Monastir, 14-16 Janvier 2016
Undisciplinated Environments. Cfp Session Decolonizing methods: disseminating research results beyond academy, Stockholm 2016
Interview with VP R.B.Singh on disasters risk reduction
Association for Borderland Studies, Reno, 13-16 April 2016
Association Estudios Frontelizos, Reno, 13-16 Avril 2016
Delhy, new Regional Center for IYGU
Changement climatique sur les dynamiques des milieux montagnards , par JAR/RGA (French text, English translation)
Advice for the IGU Commission on Gender and Geography, about Beijing Congress 2016
IGU Commission on Political Geography, for Beijing Congress 2016

October 2015
Cfp for next IGU Commission on Geography Education Newsletter
Geography that matters, Singapore, 14-16 August 2016 (Fieldtrip and special symposium in China, 17 -19)
Urban health - communicating results for policy and action, Xia Men (China), 28-29 April 2016
Association od American Geographers, Annual Conference 2016, San Francisco, 29 March-2 April.

26th World Congress of Political Sciences, Istambul 23-28 July, 2016
NZGS Conference, Dunedin, University Otago, Aotearoa, 1-4 February 2016
The return of Geopolitics, University of Arizona, 4-5 April 2016
City as global political Actor, Antwerp (Belgium) 9-11 March 2016
EVG 15 October 2015, issue on Brazil
CFP: proceedings of the Conference on LANDSCAPES: PERCEPTION, KNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS AND ACTION, Bucharest, May 2013
Analysis of the IGU Commissions, 2015
2 PhD positions in Stockholm
R.B.Singh and Pawel Prokop eds., Environment in South Asia. Springer, series Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences, 2015
Association of American Geographers, Annual Conference 2016, San Francisco, 29 March-2 April.
Land use, climate extremes and risk reduction, Delhi, 18-20 March 2016
Urban e-Planning, development and future challenges, Lisbon 31 March- 1 April 2016
IGU Executive Committee Elections in Beijing Congress, August 20162016
New Scientific Journal: Geography of Mountain Regions

November 2015
Annales Récherche Urbaine n. 112, Appel à articles
EVG 12 October 2015, issue on Iran
Associate Position at IBRU, Durham University, Centre for Border Researches
2 Research Associates positions for a 2-year ESRC funded project on Gender, Skilled Migration and IT: a comparative study of India and the UKOpen University.
Mothering, Time and Temporarity, call for Abstracts
GEOMED2016, Antalya, Turkey, 23-26 May 2016
IGU Commission on Geographycal Education, Newsletter 10, November 2015
EVG, 17 November 2016, issue on Syria and Lebanon
Borders Studies Down Under, Wellington (New Zealand), 7-8 March 2016
AAG Smart Brief, 19 November 2015
Borderland of Nations, Nations of Borderlands, Lodz, September 14-16 2016
ICSU Newsletter, 27th November 2015
Urban e-Planning, development and future challenges, Lisbon 31 March- 1 April 2016 (Flyer 2)
Food, Geography and Security Policies, Turin, 3-4 May 2016
Asian Cultural Landscapes Association, 1st Newsletter

December 2015
C12.20, Sessions in the Beijing Congress 2016, English
C12.20, Sessions in the Beijing Congress 2016, French
C12.10, Gender and Geography,Newsletter 55, December 2015
University of Arizona, Tucson, searching Director of Master's in Development Practice
Gender Place Culture, Annual Award for New and Emerging Scholars 2016
Antipode Foundation, Editorial activity in Radical Geography
C12.33, Political Geography invites to propose Sessions in the Beijing Congress 2016
Geopolitica, revue for Islamic Studies, cfp for 2016
GeoMed 2016, Antalya (Turkey): submission deadline extended to 31 January 2016
AAG Smart Brief, 10 December 2015
Gender and Geography, call for Papers in our Sessions in Beijing 2016
Coding and decoding Borders, Exhibition, Brussel, 13-30 May 2016, call for projects
Duncan Smith, a young English researchers, produces maps of high geographical interest.
Design and Decision Support Systems, Conference, Eindhoven, 27-28 June 2016
ICSU at the COP21 climate talks in Paris
Conference on the Disasters and Risks Reduction in Himalaya Environment, University of Delhi, 23 December 2016