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ISBN: 978 88-88692-35-7

The seventh volume of the Home of Geography Publication Series refers to water sustainability and water resource issues. Geographers are involved in all aspects of water sustainability and water resource issues, and in an immense variety of ways. The present volume provides only a sampling of the work of geographers and closely allied professionals, but is designed to indicate the range of research activities going on under the general heading of managing water resources in a changing physical and social environment. The geographical scope is wide, and the spatial scales range from individual lakes and reservoirs to whole nations. Topics run the gamut from the ethical underpinning of the work we do through explorations of the physical and chemical processes involved in water moving below, on, and above the surface of the earth, to studies of the roles of individuals and societies in using, mis-using or restoring that water. Approaches adopted range from qualitative discussions, through standard statistical and mathematical analisys to

complex process modelling. In short, it is a cross section of the kind of work geographers and environmental scientists do when involved with water.
The IGU Commission on Water Sustainability is a prime forum for the development and interchange of ideas and information about water, water resources, water sustainability, and related issues. Over the years it has organized a variety of meetings in a diverse number of places, many with specific themes, and from them has come a variety of publications. This book continues that tradition, but in a very different context. Rather than highlight and treat in depth a single issue, this volume celebrates the vast range of activities undertaken by Commission members and associates in addressing the many issues involved in providing safe and sustainable water to societies around the world. Most papers are based on information which was first presented at one of the Commission meetings. Often the objective of the original presentation was to stimulate discussion and to develop strategies for dealing with particular issues. Here we present the results of some of these efforts.

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