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An IGU programme for the Mediterranean Human Development
by Adalberto Vallega
IGU President - Président de l'UGI

In its 2004-2008 term , the IGU will focus on the Mediterranean region from many respects, particularly in a view to contribute to the scientific preparation of the 2008 International Geographical Congress, which will be held in Tunis.

The Mediterranean Renaissance Programme (MRP ) is meant as a container of initiatives that, from the geographical perspective, may improve the understanding of the Mediterranean cultural, economic and ecological contexts, in a view of contributing to the human development of the region.

  • To collaborate with the MRP, please contact the co-ordinator, Adalberto Vallega
  • To bring oneself up to date on the MRP implementation, please go to

  • The MRP Steering Committee was established in March 2005. It includes:

    Adalberto Vallega, Chair

    Ronald F. Abler, IGU Secretary General and Treasurer

    Antoine Bailly, Chair of IGU Commission on Applied Geography

    Giuliano Bellezza, Director of Home of Geography

    Aharon Kellerman, Chair of IGU Commission on Information Society

    Maria Sala, Co-ordinator of the Mediterranean Netywork

    André-Louis Sanguin, Chair of IGU Commission on Political Geography

    Alì Toumi, General Secretary of Association des Géographes Tunisiens, and General Secretary of the Comité National d'Organisation de Congrès 2008

    The role of Secretary of the MRP Steering Committee was assumed by:
    Maria Paradiso, Executive Secretary of the IGU Commission on Information Society

    Important notice: in December 2005 the functions of Co-ordinator of the Steering Committee was assumed by Professor Mahmoud Ashour, Chair of the IGU Commission on Arid Lands, Humankind, and Environment.
    These are his relevant co-ordinates:
    Ain Shams University, Department of Geography, Cairo, Egypt
    Vox: '+20 2 410 1752 - Fax: +20 2 685 4079
    Geographical bodies and geographers that are involved in, or interested in participating in, this programme are cordially invited to keep in touch with Professor Ashour.

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